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Club-B is proud to provide Learning Labs at schools, churches, and youth servicing organizations looking for programs to support their youths' academics, social-emotional development and college and career preparation.  We provide mentoring and tutoring labs one-on-one and for small groups.  Our services are offered on-site, hybrid and  virtually. 




The Bee Line

Mentoring has shown positive benefits for youth for the past several decades. There are many options available and a program can be specifically designed to meet your needs. Some program options include: - Arts Integration - Biblical Integration - Buzz and Bond - Peer Mentoring - Group Mentoring - One-on-One - Gender-specific - Bee Boys - Honey Hideout - Co-ed programs - Teen Parents programs - Service Learning - Leadership / Career Readiness

Our training focuses on helping you develop a program to meet the unique needs of your population. There are several elements of effective and best practices. Our ongoing training and support include the following: •Recruitment/Onboarding/Interviewing •Mentor/Tutor Matching •Safety and Screening •Program Design and Goals •Policies and Procedures •Relationship Development •Activities, Interactions and Interventions •Monthly monitoring •Collecting and Analyzing Data •Parent/Family Involvement •Collaboration, Consultation and Resources

“All students can achieve.” Club-B designs academic programs to help all students to be better in the classroom and beyond. Our programs are offered in person and through our virtual platform “the bee-line”. Programs and services are designed specifically for schools to support the academic achievement of all students through our learning communities, called the “Clubhouse”. All of our tutors are screened, fingerprinted and background checked. Families and organizations will have the opportunity to interview tutors to find the best match. Whatever your needs are, Club B can help to develop a program or courses designed to meet the needs of students.

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