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It's easy to become a part of a great learning community that engages in academic enrichment, arts, social and emotional development in order to be better and become exceptional. 


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Custom Program Design and Management 

We partner with faith based schools and churches, homeschool programs, charter and public schools and community and government organizations serving children and teens. Staff services include: program development and management; professional development and training.

  • Call or email and request a consultation

  • Schedule a conference to discuss your program needs and goals.

  • A program proposal will be sent to you for review and approval.

  • We will work together for the success of all the students in the program. 


Mentoring/Tutoring and Learning Labs  

(In person and virtually)

  • Call or email and request a consultation

  • Schedule an orientation

  • Your child will complete an intake interview and possible assessments to create a goal plan. 

  • We will develop a collaborative success plan with parents and teachers as our partners.

  • Your child will be matched with a tutor, mentor and/or learning lab.

  • Clubees will have access to learning labs for their age group with their monthly membership.

  • We provide parent resources and support programs.

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